A pork hock is the lower leg of the pig and the meat from a pork hock can make the best pork barbecue you have ever tasted – the meat is so tender and flavorful.


  • Pork hocks
  • Garlic powder or salt
  • Onion powder or salt
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce (or another one, if you prefer)


  • Put hocks in a slow cooker.  You can put in as many as you can fit, and you don’t need to thaw them first, but you can.
  • Do not add any liquid.
  • Liberally coat with garlic powder and onion powder and black pepper
  • Add salt (about ½ teaspoon per hock).  DO NOT ADD SALT IF YOU USED GARLIC AND ONION SALT RATHER THAN POWER.
  • Cook on Low in the slow cooker for 12 hours (overnight is great)
  • Before removing the hocks, make sure that the meat comes easily off the bones.  If not, cook on High for another 2 hours.  (Not usually necessary)
  • Remove hocks from the slow cooker with a slotted spoon and set aside to cool.
  • When cool enough, with your hands separate the lean meat from the bones and tendons.
  • Cut or tear the meat into 1-inch pieces and lay in a shallow baking dish
  • Liberally cover the hocks with barbecue sauce.  Stir to make sure the sauce covers all the meat.


  • Bake in an oven for 2 hours at 300 degrees, or
  • Put in a gas grill, not over the heat, for 2 hours.

If you want to make the meat really special, put some wet hickory wood chips in a chip container over the fire and add smoke to the hocks.

By the way, if you save the broth that remains from cooking the hocks, it is a fabulous liquid (along with some more water) for cooking dried beans.