Feeding your family is a big responsibility and one that we take very seriously.  We want to meet you and develop a relationship so that you can truly know who is responsible for your food.  Here is a little about the folks that help make it happen at Broadview Ranch.

Carol Atwood

Carol currently manages the day to day running of the farm.  She also manages the equine facilities on the farm as well as offering a helping hand where ever it is needed. Carol’s fields of specialty are natural horsemanship and natural stockmanship. Carol grew up on Broadview, developing a deep-seated connection with the land and the animals on it by riding hours every day with her grandfather, Tex Tilson. You can contact her at carol@broadviewranch.com.

Lee Atwood

Lee grew up on the farm loving the mountains, the woods, and being with his family. After graduating from Virginia Tech, Lee found himself in Richmond pining for the farm. Realizing a kindred spirit in his cousin Josh, Lee and Josh led the family in incorporating Broadview Ranch to further the interests of the farm and demonstrate the importance of sustainable, local, ethical food production. Lee currently manages the operational duties of the farm. Lee enjoys working on the farm and continuing the legacy of the farm and caring for the land. You can contact him at lee@broadviewranch.com.

Josh Grizzle

Josh Grizzle grew up in Houston but spent his summers working and playing at the farm.  In 2008 while working in finance in New York, Josh partnered with Lee to establish Broadview Farm in its current form.  He currently serves as treasurer of Broadview Farm and is responsible for the financial aspects of the company.  You can contact him at josh@broadviewranch.com.

Other Family Members

There are many other family members that contribute to the business in capacities ranging from offering support, ideas, time, constructive criticism, talents, knowledge, and resources.  They are brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters scattered all over this country and abroad that play an important role in the development of this land and business.  We are blessed to have such a large, strong, and involved family.